Netflix Authentication Walk-Through

This page walks you through the Netflix API authentication process. It ends with a demonstration in which you add, move, and delete movies from a Netflix instant queue, using your developer credentials and a Netflix subscriber’s credentials. You do not need to install or manage anything on your end; everything happens on this page.

Before You Begin

This walkthrough will only work if you have already registered your application and received your developer credentials. Note that no new applications can be registered at this time.

As you work your way through this walkthrough, rest assured that no sensitive information — including your Netflix or Netflix Developer Network credentials — will ever be submitted to or collected by anything that isn’t Netflix or the Netflix Developer Network. Everything that doesn’t go through the API happens on the client side (within your computer) by means of JavaScript, and all cookies will clear when you close your browser window.

1. Get your Request Token

To find your key and shared secret, visit

  • Key (consumer_key) :
  • Shared Secret (consumer_secret) :
  • Authorization URL :