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Netflix Authorization Walk-Through

New to Neflix's implementation of OAuth? Having trouble generating signed URLs, or understanding how POSTs and DELETEs are supposed to work? Please try the Walk-Through.

Netflix Libraries

Using Netflix’s New API: A step-by-step guide, by Joseph Smarr

Netflix Libraries

David Westbrook has created a Perl library
John Haren has created a Java Library
Kirsten Jones has created a Python Library
Johnathon Wright has created a Ruby Library
Jonathan Wright has created a .NET Library

OAuth Resources

If at all possible, consider using one of the existing OAuth Client Libraries, such as the ones available for dot net, Java, and many other languages.

We've built a simple OAuth Test page, which will allow you to test your library's OAuth URL against one generated using a different library. There's also's OAuth Test Client, which is an older, server side version. Mashery, our API frontend provider, also has an excellent windows tool for checking OAuth values as well. All of these can aid you if you're developing your own OAuth library or are unable to use one of the existing OAuth Client Libraries.

JR Conlin is putting together a simplified, standardized, set of cross language libraries for signing OAuth Requests called OAuthSimple, which may help you understand how OAuth requests are formatted. Currently it is available for PHP and Javascript.

For those unable or unwilling to use existing libraries, please refer to the OAuth Specification (v1 Core) and the OAuth Protocol Walkthrough for technical specifications and guidelines regarding using OAuth.

The folks over at FireEagle have also helpfully put together a page of Best Practices with OAuth. These are generally targeted toward using FireEagle, but they do include useful guidelines for dealing with User Permission screen requests on iPhones and other tips and techniques.

Flixo v0.18.0 (Download(updated 06/019/09)

Flixo is a Firefox plug-in that lets you "browse" the Netflix REST API, query its resources and view results without writing a line of code. 

Recent updates


  1. Automatically OAuth signs requests to Netflix API resources.
  2. Prompts for parameter values in resource GET requests.
  3. Allows you to configure result options like Title Expansion

See the readme for more information.

Sample Calls

Fetch the Catalog using PHP