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  1. dadoftwo3 years ago

    PLEASE NETFLIX come out with Parental Controls for certain ratings or movies, there is even inappropiate cartoons on here,we are in the free trial period now,if there isnt going to be parental controls in the near future I dont think we will keep this service, this is a great system and affordable but u need the parental controls. Thank u

  2. Foermakh3 years ago

    I would like to a more complex Parental Controls setup. I want to be able to block out specific genres and ratings. For instance a movie with the rating NR, some movies with this rating is perfectly fine while others are highly questionable. Can you please make some way of blocking out specific genres with in a New Parental Control Movie/TV Rating System? An example of the NR rating situation. Say I want to set my Parental Control to R and below like I have now but I find a western movie that is NR the movie is safe to watch but I can't watch it without changing the parental rating. After the Rating is changed now all the NR movies about porn stars and sex movies are able to be watched. This situation is complicated and very irritating. Please please do something about the parental controls.

  3. Noel3 years ago

    I was thinking about getting netflix agian for my family but I see that there will still be no real parental control set up for my wii, and after clicking on whats on it the first thing that pos up is gay and lesbien, I see it has turned to total smut since I have had an account before. So netflix I decline to have any intrest in your service untill you give me a real parental lock setup, like blocking with keywords, etc. So hopefully someone is watching these board and listening at all the the wants of people, because from the looks of it I am not the only one concerned about this issue.

  4. jhuddleston3 years ago supports parental ratings on ROKU devices as well as pinned queues. Unfortunately, the NF API will not let the ROKU channel launch the movie from within the channel and instead forces MQ to open the NF channel to play which kinda defeats the purpose.

  5. ChiefNugget3 years ago

    It's shocking that these parental control options are so lacking. I don't want my toddler to be able to fire up Dexter on his tablet, but I want that in my queue on the HTPC. Definitely should be controlled on a device by device basis, or at least set password protection for movies based on rating. Here's another thread with the same request...

  6. keeper3 years ago

    Netflix, are you listening? There are so many of us with the same concern and it has been over a year since people have been voicing these concerns. PLEASE, it cannot be that hard to make a few adjustments to have parental controls set up that are easy to manage with a pin code, on a device by device basis. We are trying so hard to keep our kids safe, and we like to be able to stream movies via Netflix, but we are getting frustrated that there STILL is no way to easily hide the R movies. Is it time to drop our Netflix account or are you all working on it?

  7. Maria Sophia3 years ago

    It would be nice to have a pin number or password to enter as a way to watch movies that I might want to watch, but not my kids. I don't always want to watch G rated movies all the time, & it's seems like so many extra steps to go into account settings & change them there continually also. But at the same time there are a lot of movies that I definitely do not want my kids to accidently have access to.

  8. Alexander3 years ago

    Dear Ma'am/Sir,

    We have been Netflix customers for several years now and have really enjoyed the service you provide. As yours is a paid service, we request a control feature be added. Please add the ability to filter movies by rating during browsing. Using the Rating Limit option you already provide as the means to set a dynamic movie browsing filter would be great!

    Thank you for considering our request.

    Kind regards,

    • The Jenkins Family
  9. Kandiah3 years ago

    Would recommend a simple approach to parental control at the account level instead of device level (too many things to break....).. Just follow the DirectTV approach where a PIN# is needed to watch anything with a higher rating than the one set at the account level. eg. My DirectTV account is set at PG13 and a pin# is required to watch TV14, MA NC17 and Adult.. Works well and no complaints so far...

    Cheers Kandiah

  10. lorenajh3 years ago

    I had to cancel netflix because of lack of parental controls on streaming video. I would love to renew, but just can't do it until I know that my eight year old will not have access to junk.

  11. Tetro753 years ago

    Please add a parental control feature. I'm trying to ground my 13-year old from all electronics to teach him a lesson. I had the PS3 all locked down from games and discs, but he was certainly able to watch his favorite show while we were out of the house.

  12. rsm0073 years ago

    I totally agree that there should be a way to set a rating restriction where either a pin code or password would be required at all times in order to view anything outside of that rating scope. This does not only make good sense, but is good public and customer service. Come on Netflix... this should not be hard to implement. I have heard this from many people who are looking into the service as well as current friends that have the service.

  13. sakin263 years ago

    I would also like to be able to allow my younger brother and sister to use netflix on their wii but taking the chance of them stumbling onto your many categories of movies not approved for them to watch is very probable. Please soon add more features to your parental controls to allow device by device controls.

  14. hethyr3 years ago

    I am adding my vote to this 6 year old is now accessing netflix from the iPod Touch. We have been able to keep it under control with the tv by not letting them control it (kind of a pain!) but now we're at a loss. I'm guessing since people have been talking about this for a few years that it's not something you are planning on...but I figured I had to try to before we look for other answers.


  15. dis19883 years ago

    After this much time and so many requests, Netflix continues to ignore its customers. Amazing.

  16. agb3 years ago

    Parental Blocks are a must, how has this not been taken care of a long time ago? Ridiculous and irresponsible, don't offer a service unless you are willing to be thorough and hear your customers.

  17. mosdl3 years ago

    Or you could actually contact Netflix support rather than post on a forum that is for something completely different...

  18. Nate2 years ago

    They have parental controls, they're just weak. Selecting "G" may be fine for some, but there's still a lot of crap within "G" ... it needs to be more flexible. My kids have access to an iPad. I'm fine w/them watching Sesame Street or Electric Company, and a few others. It'd be nice if I could select those as shows they can choose, and anything else require a passcode, or not even show as an option for them to choose. Meanwhile, back on my computer or on the Roku, I'd like to be able to still have "All Movies" selected, and not deal any restrictions. LIberty's Kids (when it was streaming) is TV-Y7, so then I'd have to choose "PG 13 / TV-14 or below" to allow access, OR give the password, OR enter it every time myself. ALL ARE OPTIONS ... NONE ARE CONVENIENT.

    And, yeah, I monitor what my kids watch, but for those of you who actually HAVE kids (and aren't imagining how you'd handle it IF you had kids) you know you can't be on them every second. There should be a technical solution, that probably some programmer can figure out, that's not too expensive, and solves a common need. Netflix is part-way there w/having a rating system to choose ... can't you build on/add to that? No programmers up to the task? Too tricky?

  19. DCArtwerks2 years ago

    While I understand that the argument can be made that the parent should be responsible for the content that their children watches. I think it's ignorant that is the sole position on the subject. The fact is that no parent can be omnipresent and the true issue is that every parent needs help. Having a three year old and no tv we rely heavily in Netflix for entertainment. Though there is a lot of content that is literally just a click away, it's scary to think about what children can be exposed to without any type of protection. Basic tvs now have parental protection features built it. If the goal of the company is provide content to enhance viewing experiences whether at home or on the go, then it stands to reason that protection should also be made easily accessible.

  20. Marcy2 years ago

    I think it is important to be able to control what we choose to watch in our own homes. Our family chooses not to watch rated "R" movies. I would like to have a way to block all of these movie options from our selection of movies to choose from. I agree with many others that there needs to be restrictions. There are many families that will not purchase Netflix for this very reason. PLEASE MAKE THIS CHANGE!

  21. lizh2 years ago

    NETFLIX needs some reasonable method of blocking R rated movies from kids. It makes no sense this feature isnt already available. Internet and smart phone accoutns have had this feature for years, and for a company that is mainly streaming content netflix is woefully behind the times. I just spoke to a rep who told me the solution is to pay for 2 netflix accounts. This kind of solution amazes me from an online company. I just set my acct controls for PG13 and below, but given the fact it can take 8 hours to switch settings, this pretty much negates the possibility of me sitting down on a Fri night and being able to watch an R rated movie. Im going to try this for a month, but then will probably just be switching to something that makes sense for a family, like Apple TV.

  22. arjmom2 years ago

    Yes, PLEASE!! There should be a way to limit what my son watches and yet let me be able to watch the more mature-rated shows. Surely this can be done by device or by setting up sub-user accounts.

  23. soule722 years ago

    For me I would like the option of blocking certain shows rather than or in addition to subjects or age categories. There are certain shows that I dont allow my children to watch that are rated pg or even G that I dont allow like Bratz. This is very inappropriate but I dont want o block whole sections. I limit them by show not by catagory since what I believe to be inappropriate may be different than the next person.

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  25. nkane80192 years ago

    Here's another vote of support for better parental controls. Some of us parents would prefer our children watch quality shows, rather than filter their options solely based on the rating (g, pg, r etc). The ability to manually remove certain movie options from displaying in the kids netflix api is ESSENTIAL. There are so many junk shows out there that I would prefer to eliminate entirely from the list of options my children can view. I am considering terminating my netflix account based on this.

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