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  1. Add parental controls to the netflix accounts. There are so many R rated movies and UR inappropriate movies that I don't want my children being able to accidentally select. It should be simple enough to filter them out if we (the user) so choose to impose those restrictions on our accounts. I feel this is imperative to keeping Netflix a clean environment. As part of the Netflix practice, pornography hasn't been allowed in, which is a business practice I applaud, however it appears that there are many movies out there just as bad. As a parent, the last thing I want my children to be exposed to is that level of adult content.

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  2. Marcy4 years ago

    I'd like to add my voice to this request. I believe it would be time well spent to add this feature to your service and promote family values. I appreciate the time you take to read and respond to these requests from customers old and new.

  3. g_inverse4 years ago

    What I would like to see added to is the ability to set parental controls on a device by device bases. since when you acticate a device you are given a device code to enter. You should be able to set Parental controls on that device. I know many parents have DVD players in the kids bedrooms that are netflix capable.


    How about the ability to have sub account under your master account that you can set Parental controls on. Parents would be able to set up a primary account for themselves and sub account for there kids. For devices that are netflix capable but may be setup in a kids bedroom, the parents could setup the device with a subaccount they created with the specific parental controls needed for that device. The sub account is nothing more then a device specific viewing policy applied to the main billable account.

  4. caseybrocious4 years ago

    I would like to see the tv rating system include in the options for parental controls like tv-14 in-between pg-13 and R.

  5. GlitterandGins4 years ago

    I would also like some parental controls, PLEASE! Perhaps have it where you can remove movies from the options altogether on Netflix. I can not allow my 12 year old daughter to even browse--so many of the movies have horribly pornographic-leaning covers and "alternative lifestyle" promoting motifs. Please advise if this is something on your radar.

  6. chrisvonc4 years ago

    "ability to set parental controls on a device by device bases"
    I would LOVE to see this and would be great to add to the current control set for devices in our accounts. I just put my old Roku device in the kids room and rather than cripple my entire account to a lower rating limitation, it would be great do it by device.

    The multiple queue idea is nice but I'm sure much more complicated to achieve, although it would be nice to have the grown ups queue not have to scroll through the kids queues. I would be happy with simply setting the kids room device with pg-13 or lower only rating queue display.

  7. Uncle Buck4 years ago

    Yes, please come up with parental controls by device. That would be great for all of us with children who have a netflix capable device that they access.

  8. bcburns4 years ago

    Netflix has been just about everything I could hope it would be. Setting parental controls by device would be something nice.

    Here is something I've never seen done before that would be very cool:

    Select a parental control rating and then be able to selectively create exceptions to that rule.
    For example: let's take the Simpsons and the Family Guy. Both shows receive approximately the same rating. Say I select a filter that prevents anyone in the household from watching both shows. It would be nice to have a feature that allows me to go back and allow the Simpsons.

  9. 64N148W4 years ago

    I would also love to have device specific parental controls, that would be a great feature.

  10. kevinl4 years ago

    Another for adding parental controls by device.

  11. Noah Vail4 years ago

    It'd be really groovy to be able to meaningfully filter instant movies by MPAA Rating. How many years have we been asking for this?

    Instant movies were chosen to be excluded from secondary profiles. That makes the profile approach almost valueless.

    At some point, consumer concern should outweigh Industry Obsession w/ Controlling Content and User Experience.

    Involved parents don't desire another Clean Films style Slap-in-the-Face from Big Entertainment.


  12. Mirdat4 years ago

    In general, we need to be able to set a parental control using a username and password different from the one that is being used for the watching the movies !!!
    When my kid is asking for the username and password, he/she will have access to the parental control panel as well, which is insane !

  13. Jeff Dillon4 years ago


    We do appreciate your feedback. Please keep in mind that this forum is for API-specific questions and comments only. Please direct your general comments to customer service, or our Facebook page.

    thank you

    Jeff Dillon, Netflix API Support

  14. wewa3 years ago

    Another vote for adding parental controls by device.
    Or better yet, to be able to create a specific list of titles that can be played on that device.
    So if I want only 10 films on a Wii, and 5 on a xbox, and 1 on an android, and once they have completed viewing them, I can add more to the list for that device.
    That would be a competitive advantage for netflix viewing, compared to any other streaming service.

  15. Dan3 years ago

    There really is no reason that the parental controls should be so limited in Netflix. It seems like the site was optimized based on automatic recommendations and on the idea of a Queue, which makes sense for a service that mails disks, but is very limited for a media player. When scarcity of discs isn't an issue, people should be able to have more control over their experience.

    Netflix wouldn't have to build all of the interface elements and rules for a more feature-ful parental control system. If there was a filtering API (e.g. I can specify criteria and filters to limit/specify the videos that will be sent to devices associated with my account), then 3rd parties could build the complex interfaces and logic to allow end-users to build their own filters.

    For example: currently, filtering is done by imposing a linear ordering over content. In this ordering "unrated family" videos are "higher up" than PG. There's no way to allow "unrated family" videos and simultaneously disallow PG movies. That's OK by today's standard of what a PG movie is, but there are older movies with PG ratings that I think are definitely NOT appropriate for my children (e.g, "Jaws"). If there were a filtering API, I could specify that instead of the MPAA rating, the "Common sense rating" should be used instead. Or, I could specify that movies that have the tags "dark", "suspenseful" , or "horror" not be included.

    With such an API, someone could also build a site that changed the filters according to some timetable. In my home, I would like only videos suitable for children aged 3-7 to be able to be played from 7:00 A.M. until around 8:00 P.M.. I have the technical skills to build such a site, but the capability does not exist on Netflix's end.

    In addition, a filtering API wouldn't have to be strictly exclusionary. It would be nice to be able to always have one of the "rows" in my PS3's Netflix window be a list of shows that I have specifically approved for the kids, so I could tell them that when they're selecting a movie when one of us isn't around (they're with a non-tech savvy babysitter, or Mom's taking a shower), then they need to choose movies only from that list. You could think of this as another queue, a folder, or a playlist.

    By the way, I think it would make much more sense to use the "common sense" ratings for parental control filtering anyway, or some other crowd-sourced rating that would be able to include videos that aren't rated by the MPAA. Some unrated movies are fine for children, many are definitely not. Some PG movies are fine for children, many are not.

  16. morriscey3 years ago

    another vote for device based parental controls.

    For example, we have several computers, a PS3, 360, and a wii. My accounts are password protected on the computers and HD consoles, but the wii is not password protected. I would like to let my boy use it when i'm not right next to him to say yay or nay on a particular title, and having a PG-13 queue available on the wii, while the full selection would be allowable on the 360 and ps3.

    TBH I'm surprised it isn't available now.

  17. T-Fam3 years ago

    Perhaps what may be easiest is to attach a particular device to a profile. It would still be part of the main account but would get the queue, and ratings limits from the profile it is attached to. Along with a master queue that displays all movies that are in all profiles, sortable, (with the ability to veto would be nice,) this would allow parents to keep charge of what our kids watch. As it stands, there is limited control (read - I have to change the ratings limit on the main account, restart the device, and hope it sticks.

    Thank you for listening.

  18. AvidNetflixUser3 years ago

    Another Firm Vote for device-based parental control.

    Being dedicated user of netflix, our entire family of three watches streamed video on: a) apple ipad b) apple mac desktop c) TV via nintendo wii d) personal laptop via browser

    So being able to make personal choices via one family account is demand of current times. It is general expectation of parents of digital-age kids to allow their kids to watch specific collection for set amount of period. For instance, if your son is into Spiderman phase, then Netflix should give its account holder an option to build specific collection of titles on specific device so that kids don't get over-exposed. This is very logical and customized solution to handle parental control issues such as inappropriate filtering and basically combat the entire helplessness behind unsuitable ratings assigned to certain films, cartoons and such. Can I just say that I never want my little one to watch "Rug Rats" ever.

    Another suggestion is to do COMPLEMENT of this feature request. Meaning account holder should be able to build "black list" on a device so that kids can never access those titles once parents have figured out they are inappropriate.

    Once again let me extend my thanks to Netflix team for putting together such a fabulous product, which I can say from personal experience is substituting babysitters at times. Kudos!

  19. austinehrhart3 years ago

    Please at least get a parental code like on TVs??? I mean that is pretty easy? How can i put my wii in my kids bed room and trust that they don't watch movies that I think are to advanced for them?

  20. HighPlainsMom3 years ago

    So have I got this right -- if I set my parental controls to PG-13 and my husband and I decide to watch an R-rated movie, I have to plan 8 hours ahead of time and reset my ratings and then change it back when we're done?

    I hope I'm wrong because that makes absolutely no sense. A password override is all it needs.

  21. Rai Toney3 years ago

    I agree with just about everyone above me. I would also like to add a suggestion that there should be a feature to block certain movies or tv shows from our account. So if I decide I don't want my family watching something like Twilight, but am okay with other movies, I'd like to be able to simply lock it from being played on my account. Thanks for reading!

  22. momclark3 years ago

    Parent controls that can be temporataly changed with a password per movie would be great. Then I can set the controls at pg for my kids and if I want to watch something elnse I can change it for that movie.

  23. redbeard253 years ago

    I realize this isn't the forum to post general Netflix requests in, but ARE YOU LISTENING, NETFLIX? This is just becoming an issue at my house, and I can see why everyone wants it.

  24. Dave3 years ago

    i've discovered a sort of workaround that i want to try and exploit using the netflix api.

    if you've noticed when rating a movie there is a little button that says "not interested" and if i click on it this seems to hide the movie from view so that my kids don't see movie covers on the wii of what i consider to be inappropriate.

    since i know i will never watch a rated R movie in my house at all ever i'm okay with clicking "not interested" on all of them but that is a lot of work so can someone guide me?

    1) is what i'm describing possible using the API? 2) can you link me to sample code or the documentation for my application telling netflix that my account isn't interested in rated R movies?

    thanks for any links and/or guidance

  25. Nyle Landas3 years ago

    I want better parental controls and this isn't that tricky to support.

    Separate profiles that I can set the watch instantly rating level on for both movie ratings and TV ratings. I don't want any other content to show up in any areas of the website that doesn't meet these rating requirements. Finally, I would also like to be able to restrict the categories that the profile can watch out of. So I can turn things like Alternative lifestyle and Horror movie off completely so even if a G rated movie was in them it wouldn't show up.

    You are loosing customers because of this lack. I think you know that.

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