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    • johnt
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    I'd like to do native playback of Netflix instant view movies in our Windows application, similar to how Microsoft Windows Media Center does it. What kind of Netflix partnership is required to do that? Is there a fee or just a special license?
    Lacking that, at least a better way to programmatically control the Silverlight playback would be a much better solution than what we currently offer which is just a embedded web browser within our application which requires the user to control playback in a completely different way than they do for playback of other media content in our app.

    Anyone at Netflix or otherwise know anything about this topic?

    Thanks in advance.

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  1. Michael Hart4 years ago

    Hi John,

    We no longer support this kind of application integration for embedded streaming playback. We can only enable embedded streaming for Netflix-branded apps, which carry a certification and support cost that wasn't offset by the customer value brought by this class of application. Sorry we can't help you, but you can still link to our player.


  2. louis socci4 years ago

    We are a company called atop television we presently offer a ip television service in the greater toroto region. how does somone go about contacting netflix with regards to offering the netflix service over our platform.

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