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sharing queue titles (and other info) among netflix members

    • nancy
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    Me and my brother, both are members of netflix. i want to show my brother's queue in my page.
    is there any api / setting for such sharing. It is similar to Gmail where you can have emails of other account in your inbox.

    I'm a developer as well. If no such api available, i can create one. Please let me know what kind of help available for this.


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  1. Kirsten Jones4 years ago


    The Netflix site is very single-user centric and that's not likely to change. You can certainly use the API to create a site such as the one you describe - you'd need to get permission from each user individually via OAuth in order for it to work.

    Good luck!

  2. nancy4 years ago

    Hi Kirste,

    Thanks for the reply.
    I worked on your idea and I'm using php oauth api now. I've successfully got all the keys and is able to get catalog. I need to fetch the queue of particular user. Can you provide me some example code.


  3. Kirsten Jones4 years ago


    It sounds to me like you haven't yet gotten the user permission/authentication piece working. The Authentication page under Documentation has an OAuth walkthrough which will give you an idea of how this works. I don't know of any PHP Netflix implementations you can look at, partly because client-side implementations are risky (you have to expose your developer secret, which is a bad idea).

  4. nancy4 years ago

    Hi Kirsten,

    yes, I have gove through the walkthrough. I guess there is a problem there. when I selct GET option, its working firn to fetch teh cataloge. But I guess, to see a queue etc, I need POST (making authorization call) option. When I select POSToption, I'm getting error.
    Fault Name: ServiceOperationIdentificationFailure
    Error Type: Default
    Description: Service Operation Identification Failure
    Service: Users
    Endpoint: Users_client
    Operation (Client):

    Please help

  5. nancy4 years ago

    I ahve successfully doen all steps mentioned on walkthrough page.
    Now I need the actual thing, i.e. I need to implement it in my site. But dont know how to start.
    Please let me know which api do I need and how to call them.

    some examples will be very helpful.


  6. Kirsten Jones4 years ago


    First, please try to avoid posting the same question multiple times on the forum in different places. The answer won't come any faster but it will email many of our community members each time you post.

    In order to request a queue, you must have the information retrieved by the authorization step. To follow the practice exercise to its end and get a queue, you can use the OAuth Test page at and plug in your consumer information and user information. Use the documentation and play with that page to get an idea of what the URLs should look like. You need to get the queue using one of the paths described here:

    So, to walk through what your code needs to do:
    * Perform all of the authorization steps like the walkthrough does (again, I am not personally familiar with the OAuth Simple, but there has to be some way to get the user's permission and store the token, secret and ID from the callback)
    * Use the userID to determine which resource to call. For instance, if you got userid 1234567890 from the authentication the instant queue would be http://users/1234567890/queues/instant/available
    * Make the queue call signed as a user request (so you'll need to use the user access token and secret along with your consumer key and secret for this signature)

    I can't give you sample code in PHP as it's not a language I tend to program in, particularly for this type of thing. If you're using PHP inside of a web page you're going to be exposing your consumer key and secret, which is dangerous (you are responsible for anything someone does with that key).

    All of the documentation you need for this is available here. If the OAuth library isn't getting you far enough, there are libraries in various languages. Perhaps you should try doing this using one of the existing Netflix libraries (which do all of the OAuth pieces for you).

    I don't think that anyone here in the forum has any working PHP code because of the security concerns I mentioned above.


  7. nancy4 years ago

    Hi Kirsten,

    I'm really sorry for posting same question again and again. Actually there is lots of pressure on me to complete the assignment on time, and I was looking for help somehow.

    You have been like good relief for me. Thanks for helping me out. I'll work on this today and let you know if any question.


  8. nancy4 years ago

    Hi Kirsten,

    I'm using the URLs as generated by oauthtest. These URLs work fine for some minutes, but give error after few minutes:
    like Invalid Timestamp, or invalid signature.
    how to get rid of this ?

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