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Managing sub profiles from primary account

  1. Looking for some conceptual help on authorizing as sub profiles form a master account.

    Let me explain..

    So online, as the primary account holder, I can set sub user/profiles, and switch into them (an alternate to a logout) without any password. Then once in the sub profile, I think I need the password to get back to the primary account.

    So my guess is that the admin essentially gets a back door into sub accounts, but once there is treated as the user, and hence has admin privileges revoked.

    I have a few users asking about there sub accounts for my mobile app. ( shout-out to QueueMan - 12,000 downloads woot woot!)

    So I am looking for some feeedback and ideas on the best route from the group.

    1)I could just force them to logout and login in as new user, providing password and getting new auth tokens. ( I could ideally save many profile(user ids, and tokens) as to make the switching less painful in the future, but I still need to know the sub profile's password initially ) - But this breaks the reduced priv. rule...

    2) I think there is a way through the API to get sub prfile user ids... is it possible to also get profile queues - and still use the master account's existing auth token..

    3) or some super obvious / simple / ingenious solution I am overlooking?

    Thanks for any suggestions,


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  2. eddiewebb5 years ago

    Just to clarify point / idea 2...

    The url for a sub-profile would include both primary-acount-id and sub-profile-id, but rely on the auth token generated for the master account. The profile is treated as a resource of the authorized user, and the profile having additional resources of queues..

  3. JR Conlin5 years ago

    Sub profiles are kind of a hack on our side. In effect, the API sees and treats them as distinct accounts. While we allow "hot switching" between master profiles to sub profiles (without passwords) on the main website, we don't allow going between sub and master without the user providing a new password.

    The API doesn't try to emulate that trick mostly because it'd be a nightmare in too many regards, both technical and non-technical. In essence, we really encourage users and apps to consider profiles and sub profiles to be distinct users.

    To solve your problem, your app could do the profile management itself and aggregate multiple profile information into a common queue as well as handle injecting titles into the "correct" user's queue. Fortunately, since we consider sub queues the same way we consider master queues, you can auth using the access tokens of the sub queues as well increasing the number of daily and per minute requests available. Sadly, this will mean you get to deal with the issues I mentioned earlier rather than have our API try to handle them, but as a bonus, you could offer multi account queue management as a feature that other apps don't have.

  4. eddiewebb5 years ago

    Thanks JR - you've given me a decent choir :)

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