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has anyone joined the new netflix affiliate program?

    • dhchoi
    • Topic created 5 years ago

    I got an email a week ago saying that Netflix would send us a follow-up email with instructions on how to join its new affiliate program on the Google Affiliate Network. Has anyone gotten this follow up email yet?

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  1. dhchoi5 years ago

    OK I just got an email today that says that Netflix is actually sticking with LinkShare for a bit longer. I wonder what happened.

  2. Kirsten Jones5 years ago


    We will be switching to the Google Affiliate network, but won't be done with the transition for another few weeks. In the meantime - and until you get switched over to Google, the linkshare links will continue to work as they have.


  3. Dan Hinsley5 years ago

    Can someone explain what this is?

  4. JR Conlin5 years ago

    Sure thing. Netflix offers a bounty for new subscribers. It's mentioned on the top page of , and full details are on . Some folks putting together applications will put a bright, shiny "Join Netflix" button on them and get a bit of extra pocket money courtesy of your favorite Movie Streaming and DVD rental business. We're looking to move to a different affiliate program in a few weeks, but folks signed up under the existing program should still get credit for the time being.

    (and yes, if you're curious, most of the Netflix pop-ups are from affiliates. There's a clause in the agreement (paragraph 4.2) that boils down to "thou shalt not use pop-overs, spyware, or anything else we tell you to replace." It's a bit like playing whack-a-mole, though, but if we see 'em, we usually tell you to quit it.)

  5. vritzka5 years ago


    is it still possible to join the affiliate program?

    I applied via Neverblue, they said there will be delays.

    Can I join via Neverblue at all? Or shall I go via LinkShare?
    Or wait until that google thing is done. (Althou we really would like to start promoting cause the website is ready ... )

    Thanks for any help,

    Volker Ritzka

  6. JR Conlin5 years ago

    Our current affiliate program is with Linkshare, but we're in the process of moving to a new affiliate provider. While Linkshare provided links will work, I'd hold off on joining just yet as the "ramp up" period for Linkshare may take longer than the planned transition period.

  7. wjhonson5 years ago

    Netflix still hasn't figured this out yet. You're directed to sign up for the Google Affiliate Network off Netflix's site, but Netflix still does not appear in the list of advertisers once you've done that.

  8. Kirsten Jones5 years ago

    The affiliate folks are still working out the kinks. I promise one of us will come and update this thread once the process has been finalized, and we've tested it from the API Developer side.


  9. Kirsten Jones5 years ago

    Right now the API team is working through the Google Affiliate process to make sure that it works correctly for developers. For any developers who want to stay on the bleeding edge of the process, you're welcome to get started on the first steps. You can follow the instructions on the Netflix website at up to the point of getting approved for the Affiliate Network. Beyond that we haven't tested the process, so you'll need to wait for an update before proceeding from that point. It took me a day to get approved for AdSense, and I'm now waiting to get approved for the Affiliate Network, so this will save you some time once we get the tail end of the process in place.

    Thanks for your patience!

  10. P. Nisbet5 years ago

    In order to register for the Netflix affiliate program it appears you must first have a Google Adsense account. That's going to lose a lot of affiliates whose accounts have been closed!

  11. triefy4 years ago

    I have been approved via GAN and Netflix, yet I know someone directly who signed up for a free trial using the link before 1st of May and I still haven't received credit for it. Can this be looked into?

  12. Kirsten Jones4 years ago


    Please send the following information to apisupport {at} netflix {dot} com:
    * Developer key
    * GAN ID
    * Link you're using

    And we'll see if we can figure out what's up.


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