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Best method of interacting with Netflix API using Java

    • Kevin
    • Topic created 5 years ago


    I am soon going to begin writing a Netflix application for Blackberry mobile devices (using Java). So far, I have gotten pretty comfortable with all of the Blackberry development. It is now time for me to focus my attention on the Netflix API (and interacting with my Blackberry application). I'm having trouble getting started.

    I was wondering if someone could explain to me the easiest and/or best overall process to use to interact with Netflix. Here is the process I have in my mind, so far:

    1.) Understand the OAuth protocol. I need to use direct authentication with a customer's username and password. I know this is looked down upon, so would it be better to embed a browser into my application and have the user sign in with the Netflix authentication page?

    2.) Once users are authenticated, I am going to allow them to browse the Netflix library, rate movies, and add/remove movies from their standard/instant queues. What is the best way, using Java, to perform all of these functions? Is it with REST? Or should I just embed a browser in my application and use java script or PHP?

    As you can tell, I have a long way to go, and any advice/suggestions to help me get started would be greatly appreciated...


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