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Applications for Ubuntu?

  1. Ubuntu is on the rise, I believe that Dell or HP is putting out some PCs with Ubuntu pre-installed on them this year. The reason for this is with the new Release of Ubuntu 9.04 Ubuntu is more Stable than Windows, more Secure than Windows, and more Customizable than Windows.
    Meaning there is a very real potential for Ubuntu to out do Windows in the next few years if not for any other reason than the sheer number of Mal-ware threats and viruses that are specifically written for Windows based Applications.

    So with this in mind, I would really like to see at least one of you Geniuses address the Linux Compatibility issue with watching Netflix movies Instantly. I just gave you the reasons why you should. So if you are really as smart as you THINK you are, then you should start taking some kind of action about this issue.

    Thank You,

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  2. JR Conlin5 years ago

    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, while there's no restriction on what platform you can run our API on, there are various restrictions placed upon us by the content providers which limit what platforms we're able to stream content to.

    Thank you for the kind words, too, by the way. While we are indeed constantly trying to think of ways to get content onto new platforms, it's flattering to be called geniuses.

  3. Kent Brewster5 years ago

    I'm keeping an eye on the Moonlight project; the Version 2 preview, here:

    ... looks like it has possibilities.

  4. gblase225 years ago

    While I don't agree with some of Webninja's awesome mockery (always a great way to get help)
    I would like to second the issue as I also use Ubuntu and would love support for linux distro's.

    Furthermore, while I realize this probably won't sway you because it is supposedly such a small market (linux users in general) I do have 3 roomates who all use a Debian based OS and we all had netflix for a while but when the instant watch came out without linux support 2 of them dropped their accounts while my roomate and I still have ours but are hoping some day there will be support.

    That being said, Kent is right in that there is now Moonlight which is suppose to be an open source version of Silverlight that allows linux compatibility and it seems to run fine for me with other Silverlight supported web video players.
    And since it runs fine with the other streaming silverlight applications I was wondering if there isn't something built into netflix to check one's OS and restrict it... If that's the case is there any way you guys could test the Moonlight compatability (or I could test it if you want, just allow me a manner and I would love to help) and if it is operational allow other OS's to access instant watching...

    Sorry to bother but like many other users it is a topic dear to my heart and I thank you for your patience...

  5. JR Conlin5 years ago

    Well, if it's any help, I run Kubuntu 9.04 at home as well. Like I said earlier, the reason we only run on certain platforms and not others isn't technical, it's just that I'd wager you'd rather watch things other than Sita Sings the Blues, Commando Cody and the Radar Men from the Moon, or Night of the Living Dead (all of which are awesome as well as creative commons/public domain, but that's beside the point).

    It is something we ask about regularly and get the exact same response every time (and yes, we tried that argument. Yes, and that one too.) We've got folks that will still keep trying, though, and once we get the rights, trust me, we'll be more than happy to roll out the code.

    Personally, I don't mind when folks ask for more support (be it sarcastically or not) because it shows they are passionate and want our service. It also helps us make the argument stronger. So, thank you for your patience. Trust me, I understand your frustration and desire. We'll keep trying to move that mountain one shovel at a time.

  6. gblase225 years ago

    Sounds good!
    Let me know if there's anything I can do to help and thanks for putting up the good fight!

  7. ilanrab5 years ago

    This is serious.
    The hundreds of linux distros out there should have convinced any and all serious business persons of the global direction. It is NOT Windows! Please get with it.
    I have been using Ubuntu for several years, on multiple platform. Other useful platforms have been gOS and PuppyLinux (yes!).
    Please get going!

    Thank you,


  8. rlneumiller5 years ago

    +1 vote for "watch instantly" to work on the platform I choose, which happens to be Ubuntu.

  9. Norm5 years ago

    Hey guys,

    First off I love what you all have done and are trying to do! I also am a Linux (Ubuntu, Gnome desktop) user and wish I could freely view the flix online. I currently have a laptop with a dual boot system (Vista, I refer to with a "P" not a "V" and Ubuntu) so when I want to watch on Netflix I use Vista (That is about as much as I care for Microsoft). All other pc opps are on Linux. I am wandering if there are forums the movie distros Netflix deals with where we Linux users can go to convince them we are here and are a valued customer.

    Thanx again to all working on this!

  10. JR Conlin5 years ago

    For what it's worth, here's how i tend to watch movies at home on my Ubuntu 9.10 box:

    I run a copy of VirtualBox (get the official Sun release ) with a minimal install of Windows XP (set to 1024MB memory, around 8GB of variable hard drive) I run 64bit Ubuntu, so turning over a GB of memory wasn't a big deal. You can run with a minimum of 512MB under XP, but it might start to swap if you pull some HD streams.

    I also set up the VM to use a bridged network adapter so I could ssh in, but feel free to keep it as the default if you don't plan on doing screwball crap like I do.

    I have a couple of spare XP disks from old installs which I use for this sort of thing. Gotta love setting up my in-laws computers from five years ago. Also gotta love finding friends and neighbors who had old disks lying around that they didn't want after they bought a new system.

    On the XP portion, I stripped out most of the free marketing spoo and installed Silverlight 2.0. I then set the IE start page to The setup works like a champ, and since I'm re-using an XP install i had already purchased years ago, damn cheap to boot.

    I've got a NVidia dual head card so I tend to launch VirtualBox on the secondary monitor for happy, easy viewing whilst I express my AADD by surfing during the boring bits.

  11. chaoticfuel5 years ago

    I am pretty sure this issue is not a matter of code, but a matter of marketing and politics. Remember in 2007 Reed Hastings was elected to the board of directors at Microsoft. Do you really think that they are going to expand to other platforms at this time. Why do you think he was invited in the first place? Microsoft wanted to get an exclusivity with Netflix to prevent other platforms from getting this service so that Microsoft can get a foot-hold in the market first and bring it to the XBOX 360. This is how Microsoft started and this is the Microsoft way.

    --- Just sayin

  12. JR Conlin5 years ago

    Well, you're right about it not being a technical matter that restricts us, but you're sorely misplacing the source of the pressure. As I note earlier, we'd be happy to run on anything with any player, but we'd be showing mostly public domain content.

    Sorry to disappoint, but Uncle Bill has precious little to do with what platforms we can support.

  13. jtelensky5 years ago

    Okay, so whats the chance of getting streaming for ubunut but with just public domain content? I am fine with just Night of the living Dead. I just want something to watch between classes, or well I am waiting for an apointment somewhere. When I am at home I'm fine with using my 360 to watch all the great content. But when I am out and about and just have my Ubuntu laptop, being a single core 1.6GHz with 1GB of ram leaving virtualbox out of the question, I would like to be able to at least watch something that is commercial free. bring on the public domain, that's All I need to give me something to do during down time well I am out.

  14. JR Conlin5 years ago

    Well, we'd have to rejigger how we're currently classifying movie content to allow for a public domain option, then determine what movies fall under that category and if there are any pre-existing contracts that may limit whether or not we can offer them (we acquire some movies as bundles that may prevent us from divvying things up). Then we have to balance that out with how much it costs to re-encode the movie to a more open format, store it and stream it out vs. how much income it would generate.

    It's a fair question and I'll start asking, but my gut reaction is that you'd probably do better pulling from for now.

    I also hate to do this, but I think we're drifting off of "API Feature Suggestions" and pretty darn deep into "Make Me A Sandwich" territory. I think we've been pretty open about why we've not supported Linux yet and I've already had to repeat a few things. To that end, I'm going to close this tread for the time being and helpfully point out any future questions back to this topic. As more information becomes available, I'll post it here as well as the API blog.

    Thanks all for your questions and interest. Like I've said, Ubuntu is my OS of choice and I definitely feel for you and want a Linux player just as much as you do, but there are some mountains that just take time to shovel to a new location.

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