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    • Topic created 6 years ago

    Can we get a listing of all the errors and what they mean? Barring that, can we get an official wiki where we can document these types of things? I'm trying out a oauth client and the response I'm getting is 'Timestamp is invalid'. It would be nice if I could get a listing of what makes a time stamp invalid so I'd know where to look (beyond timestamps).


  1. Jeremy6 years ago

    the clock on your server is too different from the clock on the api server. I had this issue as well...

  2. Michael Hart6 years ago

    Errors are listed in the beginning of the REST API Reference.

    Tip: you can use the HTTP header timestamps in the API requests to sync your application's clock, if necessary.

  3. Mark Roddy6 years ago

    The time on the machine I'm running on was almost a half an hour behind, I never even noticed. Thanks for the help Michael.

  4. Evildonald6 years ago

    I got this issue as well.. i'm about 4000 seconds out.. is that becuase i'm programming from London and am hours ahead?

    NETFLIX: There needs to be a web service to see what the server thinks the time is.. we're just guessing otherwise.

  5. Evildonald6 years ago

    UPDATE: I was using a plain DateTime.Now.. when i should have been using UTC

    -- stolen from the oAuthBase.cs --

    public virtual long GenerateTimeStamp()
    // Default implementation of UNIX time of the current UTC time
    TimeSpan ts = DateTime.UtcNow - new DateTime(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0);
    return Convert.ToInt64(ts.TotalSeconds);

  6. buff885 years ago

    Which timezone is this based off of?

  7. Michael Hart5 years ago

    I believe UTC is Greenwich. Wikipedia is sure to know.

  8. Kirsten Jones5 years ago

    You can get a timestamp from our system by calling to ensure that your timestamp will match.

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