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Option to delete recently watched list

    • Manish
    • Topic created 2 years ago

    Not sure if this has been already discussed on this forum, but I don't get to see any option in Netflix to delete, recently watched list... This really has put me in akward situation, when we had my parents visitng and they getting to see my recently watched list and the top 10 option Netflix provides because I watched a specific genre of movies.... Keeping end users experience and privacy in mind, there should be an option to enable / disable these settings, I am sure many of other users would have expressed this in such forums and strange to see Netflix not providing that feature yet....

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  1. ducc2 years ago

    Any work this.

    Is there an API call we can make to clear our own account. Supply creds, and either a title or 'ALL'.

    Does anyone read these?

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