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HP Touchpad app?

    • faka
    • Topic created 3 years ago

    With all the HP touchpads liquidated at firesale prices lately word on the street is that the Touchpad is now the no.2 tablet on the market. With that in mind I wanted to request a netflix for Hp touchpad/WebOS app.

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  1. Rob3 years ago

    Would very much like to see this happen. With recent drop in price, HP has sold thousands of Touchpads. A Netflix Ap would be great. It is everywhere else, why not on Web OS?

  2. Larissa D.3 years ago

    I totally agree!! I'm sure WebOS users would even pay for it -- .99 or $1.99

  3. airborne3 years ago

    here here! I'm a webOS 2 & 3 user. I absolutely love this os over the apple & android I've used in the past. The lack of apps is the ONLY downside. Please give us netflix for webOS phones and touchpads!

  4. Mr. H3 years ago

    please explain to us why a webOS app has not been ported from Android or IOS. HP has the tools to make such a project extremely easy and many developers have done so with their apps within days, sometimes hours! With the Touchpad the #2 selling tablet, many of your users would like another outlet to watch their PAID subscription. Is HP the only one who can request this? We have a very active developer community who would be more than willing to take on this project and even invest if needed. Please let us know what would be the necessary steps to go forward with this.

  5. Gent3 years ago

    The Netflix applications are produced by Netflix, not the respective operating system developers, so it's up to Netflix to release a WebOS client (which should be relatively easy to port now that they have other mobile versions)

  6. ntconn3 years ago

    Netflix needs to develop a TouchPad app. @1million touchpad users access to a netflix app. Seems to be a no brainer for Netflix to develop it to bring in more revenue and make current netflix customers happy.

    Thanks Netflix.

  7. Alwind3 years ago

    Agree! Please create a TouchPad app!

  8. spazimoose3 years ago

    Please Nefflix, the Touchpad is now a significantly stronger platform and there IS demand for this app. Your effort would not be wasted producing an app for the Touchpad.

    Super Thanks!

  9. u8263 years ago

    please create a netflix app for touchpad. I would pay as much as 5 or 6 dollars. Or better yes let it run from the webOS browser.

  10. Lorenz3 years ago

    An App for the HP Touchpad would be very very cool. I would definitely use it.

  11. jhenry593 years ago

    A netflix app for the hp touchpad would be nice. A reasonable price for the app would be ok. It would give me one reason to keep netflix. thanks

  12. dianalozada3 years ago

    I would really appreciate the app for my new HP touchpad pleaseeeeeee!! Hope you guys develope it soon!

  13. loufoltzer3 years ago

    I would pay $20 for the HP touchpad aps.

  14. ben3 years ago

    seriously needs this!

  15. ben3 years ago

    seriously needs this!

  16. Hamed3 years ago

    I have to agree with everyone here. Netflix needs to have an app for webOS. I have just moved from webOS to the new iPhone 4s and already thinking about going back. webOS may not be as smooth as iOS but it is far more capable. Building an app for webOS or at least the TouchPad shouldn't be that difficult.

  17. jhenry593 years ago

    A netflix app would be nice! If you are using your hp touchpad around the house you might want to try the program playon from playon website. Install program on home computer and u can then watch netflix through your home computer, wireless router, to hp touchpad. Works well so far. Can also set up for amazon, hula, and many other streamers. Meanwhile, Netflix, there are a lot of touchpad users who would watch more netlix with a touchpad app.

  18. ariasdelcid3 years ago

    I think is time to create the Touchpad App. webOS will stay on the market and there is already close to a million users out there, most of us wanting Netflix in our tablet. We are willing to pay for the app. So, why not do it? I am a loyal Netflix Streamer. Thank you.

  19. ashli3 years ago

    Why hasn't one been made yet? This is something you should have already done.

  20. echeg53 years ago

    A netflix application would give most of us who own touchpads definitely want and would create a large revenue source for netflix as well. I am willing to pay. My touchpad is a joy as an operating system in all ways but this one. I hope it comes soon. A Christmas debut would be great!

  21. ozone13373 years ago

    tell you what, an app needs to happen for the touchpad, its a simple as can be and netflix knows its simple. So make it happen before you loose more customers! I will be one!

  22. sbv0023 years ago

    LOL. HP dumped it's TouchPad business. Do the math... ;)

  23. cannotdraw3 years ago

    I would totally pay for a Netflix app on the touchpad, as would several others. This would be a huge business, especially since HP is showing interest in developing apps for it, seeing as they just opened up sales to more touchpads just for developers.

  24. pj323 years ago

    Netflix should definitely add support for the TouchPad or WebOs. Either an app or adding support to the WebOS browser. HBO Go, SirisuXM, etc. don't have TouchPad apps, but you can still watch or listen using the browser.

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