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Full Catalog for Canada

    • dhgb256
    • Topic created 3 years ago

    I really need the full catalog download for Canada (i.e.,, I can't support Canadian users properly with my application without it.


    Message edited by dhgb256 2 years ago

  1. Dan3 years ago

    please re-introduce this feature. dhgb256's program is the only standalone windows app that played netflix in Canada.

  2. marbles_003 years ago

    I hope this feature can be brought back in for Canadian Users. As Dan noted above, this is the BEST and only standalone app for Windows that can play Netflix in Canada. Netflix is not really worth it, and I may as well cancel my subscription if you can't aid dhgb256 in supporting this feature.

  3. StellaAndy2 years ago

    Having the interest to keep a best to earn the Netflix more achievable to create a good experience with Blockless Channels.

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