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Netflix App for Blackberry Playbook

  1. Is the netflix app for the playbook in the works? Lets make it happen

    Message edited by devon2000 2 years ago

  2. Craig3 years ago

    I am hoping for a PlayBook version for Netflix. What is the time frame for its release? Thank you.

  3. dhmusa3 years ago

    I too am hoping for a Netflix app for the Playbook. The number of PB owners are growing and we would like to see a Netflix app in the near future.

  4. jsiefert3 years ago

    What's needed is a general Netflix streaming app for Blackberry, for both phones as well as the PB.

    I am sure that most Netflix subs who also own any BB device (ph or PB) would absolutely buy the app!


  5. miguel1883 years ago

    blackbery needs a netflix app . so many users are disconnecting service with netflix . due to app not being i plans to operate by netflix . we need for blackberry and netflix to join together and make this app a suscess.

  6. matt white3 years ago

    New Playbook, No Netflix. Cuts on 1/3 of my use for my playbook.

  7. thomas3 years ago

    I agree, one of the biggest reasons i purchased the blackberry playbook was to be able to watch Netflix in bed, and the price. Very disappointed along wuth the rest of the consumers.

  8. neenie6003 years ago

    please please please develop an app so i can stream netflix on my playbook. it's the reason i got it in the first place. I'm so disappointed in netflix right now.

  9. jturpin3 years ago

    please develop playbook app! playbook has amazing video quality and is the perfect size for mobile video. i canceled my netflix account after getting my playbook but would gladly return and pay for the app!

  10. VAA Pro3 years ago

    Hey Netflix developers it would be outstanding if yall could release an app for our Blackberry Playbooks. Many reasons of which have already been stated by the rest of the BB World. So I personally ask that Netflix gets to working together with RIM.

  11. jkbasak3 years ago

    Dear Netflix developer please please develop the app for playbook. I have upgraded to os 2.0 but still no luck so far!

  12. Mac Frank John3 years ago

    I've checked netflix on blackberry, But want test on Android, Is there any one tested?

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  13. Ethel Wise2 years ago

    Netflix is fine in Blackberry because it gives much attention to acquire certain views that will make a perfect interests that most people love to make in having more movies to watch.

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