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500 Level (Internal Error) accessing the Access Token Page

    • Brent
    • Topic created 3 years ago

    I'm attempting to hit the url for the access token (, but I'm getting a 500 level internal error every time. I've never had a problem in the past, and I don't know of anything I've changed, so I'm assuming there is an outage?

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  1. Jeff Dillon3 years ago


    I am unable to reproduce. Is the walkthrough working for you at:

    Jeff Dillon, Netflix API Support

  2. Brent3 years ago

    No. I get "Invalid Signature" when I submit the request token.

  3. Brent3 years ago

    I should note, I have "Flixo" installed. It also fails. I'm copying my key and "Shared Secret" fresh from my Netflix developer account page.

  4. Brent3 years ago

    I've gotten this working in Flixo and my application now, but the walkthrough still says "Invalid Signature". I am not sure what changed for the Flixo add-on (in Firefox) but in my application I did find a cause and fixed a problem on my end. Since the Walkthrough you introduced is the only thing not working for me now, I would say my issue is resolved. Thanks for your help, seeing the different behavior really did help me narrow down the issue.

  5. radu.zubascu3 years ago

    I'm having the same problem when trying to access the Acces Token page ( The walkthrough ( seems to work well, but when I try to issue the request from my application I receive:

    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <status> <status_code>500</status_code> <message>Internal Error</message> </status>

    What are the situations in which this message appears? What may be the cause of my problem?

  6. Jeff Dillon3 years ago


    Was this working for you at one point? If you could, please submit a Wireshark or Fiddler network trace to and we would be able to investigate further

    Jeff Dillon, Netflix API Support

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