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Version 2.0 and JSON

    • Tim
    • Topic created 3 years ago

    I'm running into a problem getting data back in JSON format in some situations. For example, when updating a movie's queue position using a POST request, I only get JSON data if I omit the v=2.0 parameter. The following request returns XML when submitted as a POST request:

    However, the same POST request returns JSON when v=2.0 is omitted:

    Anyone have any ideas? Is the v=2.0 parameter only valid on GET requests?

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  1. Jeff Dillon3 years ago

    Hi Tim

    I will research this and try to find out more information for you

    Jeff Dillon, Netflix API Support

  2. David Gross3 years ago

    I ran into something similar last month where I couldn't get a POST request for users/<user_id>/queues/instant/available to respect the output=json setting. I believe this is a Netflix bug and will be corrected at some point. In general, you should expect to be able to use the v=2.0 and output=json settings on all resources, whichever variety (POST, GET, PUT, or DELETE) of request you are making.

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