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Rent DVD from Netflix and Enjoy it with Your Language Subtitle – Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.

    • eonekim
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    eOneSoft creates with one simple question: “Is there a way we can watch Hollywood movies without a language barrier?” This motivated us to develop the External Subtitle Player—a way to watch your DVD and online movies with subtitles in your preferred language. The major goal of eOneSoft is to provide a subtitling service for Hollywood movies for people that have difficulties with English, so they would no longer need to search the Internet and download pirated movies.
    It’s free and simple! First, go to and download the External Subtitle Player by clicking the icon on the first page. Second, play your favorite DVD with the player. When the player runs the DVD, it will automatically detect which movie it is and instantly display its subtitles. The default language is Korean, but you can select other languages by clicking the button on the bottom right of the player.
    eOneSoft recently integrated Netflix API to, that allows a user to play a movie instantly and add a DVD on the user's queue.

    Our Business Goal with Netflix

    Bring more customers to Netflix by providing subtitling service for both DVD and online Movie.

    Ted Kim

    eOneSoft LLC.
    (949) 331-7311

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