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Can't add a title to a queue

    • elaydin
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    I know there's now a delay, but I don't seem to be able to add a movie to a queue.

    i use something like<user>/queues/disc?title_ref=<movie id>&output=json&position=1&method=POST

    which has worked for a long time.
    Today when I try it, it seems like it's successful, but the movie never shows up in the queue (or on the web page). However, the title_state indicates it's in there (it just never shows up). I can add other movies on the webpage just fine, but the API added movie still isn't there.

    Is all this churn going to end soon?

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  1. elaydin4 years ago

    FYI... exact same link, but using "instant" instead of "disc" works fine for adding to the instant queue.

  2. elaydin4 years ago

    false alarm... i think (i'll step back from the ledge). The adds I did just happened to have a VERY long delay (like an hour). I'm hoping that's an unusual occurrence, because even if I keep my own local "version" of the queue, a user can relaunch the app within an hour and end up confused when they don't see a movie added.

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