HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Status Codes

The following table shows the HTTP status codes and, if appropriate, additional subcodes, common to many Netflix API resources. In addition to the codes, the table shows the accompanying status messages. Note that some of the same status codes may have different messages. The status message correlates with the specific resource.

Code Subcode Applies to… Status Message
200   All resources n/a. The resource's representation is returned in the response.
201   POSTs Resource created
201 640 POSTs to users/user_token/queues/instant Only some titles in the set were added.
304   All resources Resource not modified
400   All resources parameter name is invalid
400   POSTs to users/user_token/queues/instant

Cannot move a series parent title

Invalid format for this user

400 120 All resource collections Query parameter max_results must be a positive integer.
400 130 POSTs to users/user_token/queues/instant Title not found or not available
400 620 POSTs to users/user_token/queues/instant Title is saved; cannot move it
400 650 POSTs to users/user_token/queues/instant Queue is too large
400 660 POSTs to users/user_token/queues/instant Invalid title format
400 690 POSTs to users/user_token/queues/instant Title currently at home
401   All resources

Access token is invalid

Access token validation failed

User ID is invalid

User ID access token mismatch

401   All feeds

Bad feed token

User not found

Mismatch between user token and feed token

Token resource mismatch

401   Login resources

Authorization failed

User must accept terms of use.

401   OAuth and access token resources

Expired or bad request token

Missing Required Consumer Key

Application name undefined

Unable to find or verify access token credentials

Application name mismatch

Consumer key mismatch

401   All resources Invalid signature


  All feeds Invalid feed token
404   All resources Resource not found
412   All resources Precondition failed. Resource has been modified.
412 710 users/user_token/queues/instant Title already in queue
422   users/user_token/ratings/title/actual Title has already been rated
500   All resources Internal error