Branding Requirements

At Netflix, we want you to be able to create fantastic applications with the Netflix API. At the same time, we don't want users to get confused about who is responsible for what they're using. So we have some branding guidelines. These aim both to enable you to get credit for what you made and to make it clear that Netflix is somehow involved, but at the same time not lead to confused users calling our customer support folks if they have questions about your applications.

Naming and Logo Guidelines

Please see the Naming and Logo Guidelines (PDF) for the full details on the Netflix branding limitations and requirements that you need to be aware of.


  • "Netflix" cannot be the first word in your application's name. It can be used in the name of your app, for instance “x for Netflix” or “x with Netflix”, “x’s Netflix Manager”, "your Netflix", etc. This makes it more clear that your application is from you and not from Netflix.
  • You cannot use the letters “Flix” in the name of your application. "Flicks", "Phlix", and other mutated spellings of the syllable are fine in most cases (though "Netflicks" and similar names that might be confused with "Netflix" are not allowed).

Required Attribution:

Your application must feature the Netflix API logo (or “delivered by Netflix” in text) on every page or screen on which the Netflix API has a presence and adjacent to where the implementation appears in your UI. The API logo (or text) must be an active link to


Netflix Primary API Logo: use no smaller than 100 px in width

Netflix Secondary API Logo: for use only when space is limited; use no smaller than 16px in width

iPhone App Builders: