Introduction to Netflix API Documentation

This guide is for developers who are integrating Netflix functionality into their applications by means of the Netflix API.

Note: This documentation covers “under-the-hood” details that may go beyond what you need to know. If you want to get started quickly, see the “Resources” page for links to existing Netflix libraries, user-contributed guidelines, and various tools that may make it easier for you to work with the API. For a quick tutorial on how to use OAuth in the Netflix API, please see the Netflix Authentication Walk-Through.

The guide contains the following sections:

  • Introduction to the Netflix API Guide (this page) is an overview of what you can do with the Netflix JavaScript API and REST API.
  • Javascript API Reference describes the Javascript API that helps you emulate aspects of the Netflix experience in your application.
  • Netflix API 1.5 Programmer’s Guide:
    • Netflix REST API Conventions covers the terminology and conventions you should be familiar with in order to understand and use the Netflix API 1.5.
    • Authentication Overview shows you how to sign your Netflix API 1.5 requests so that the API knows you are authorized to have the access you are requesting.
    • Common REST API Tasks provides a task-oriented guide to using the Netflix API 1.5 and covers several specific use cases.
    • REST API Reference provides detailed descriptions of all Netflix API 1.5 resources.
  • Branding Requirements lays out the steps you are required to take to distinguish your application and protect the integrity of the Netflix brand.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question or concern in these documentation pages, you can consult with other Netflix API developers at by using the tag “netflixapi”.

API Overview

Netflix supplies two sets of API components:

JavaScript API
The JavaScript API helps you emulate the Netflix experience in your application. It lets you add functional Netflix “Add” and “Play” buttons. See Javascript API Reference for more information.
Netflix REST API
A set of REST (representational state transfer) APIs that give you fine-grained access to such Netflix resources as the title catalog and subscriber queues. See REST API Conventions for more information on Netflix API 1.5.

To use these APIs, you need to have previously registered for a developer account (Netflix is no longer accepting new applications for developer accounts).

Different APIs and resource types have different security requirements; for some you may have to supply other identification mechanisms such as signatures and access tokens. See Authentication Overview for more information on how to do this.

The Netflix APIs allow you to integrate Netflix user services into your application, for example:

  • performing searches of movies, TV series, cast members, and directors
  • retrieving catalog titles and details about each title such as box art, director, cast list, etc.
  • determining the subscriber’s relationship to a specific title (e.g, in queue, saved, etc.)
  • managing and displaying subscribers’ queues
  • providing auto-completion of partial search terms typed by a user
  • displaying a subscriber’s ratings
  • including functional Add and Play buttons in your web application