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Update: Changes for the Public API

As a reminder to my previous blog post about the public API changes, all current endpoints for the catalog index files will be shut down as of September 15, 2012, but they will be available until then as developers work to migrate to the new files.  In their place will be two new files:

To be clear, these two files will support the catalogs for streaming and DVD respectively.  These files are available now.  Over the next few weeks/months, you may notice some DVD elements/attributes in the streaming file and you may notice some streaming elements in the DVD file.  Over time, those straggling features will be fleshed out to leave each file streamlined towards its targeted goal.

Although it may not have been explicitly stated in the past, as the old catalog index files get retired, we will also be removing the files that contain the references to the AMG and TMS IDs, referenced in our documentation.  If your app uses the catalog index files that support those IDs, you will no longer be able to access those IDs as of September 15, 2012.

Daniel Jacobson

Director of Engineering - API