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Upcoming Changes to the Open API Program

As of Oct. 14th, 2011, the Netflix API will be focused exclusively on offering content and functionality from the streaming catalog. As a result, we will be discontinuing the support of DVD-related features in the Open API. These changes are in an effort to better position the Netflix API towards the company’s long-term goal of internationalizing our streaming experience. Focusing the API towards streaming will better enable the company to create rich experiences in these new markets. Additionally, over time, we plan to open up the API to become international as well.

The rest of this post includes the list of changes that will take effect in October. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible by gracefully degrading as many of these deprecated features as possible.

The following resources will have DVD-related content removed from them, but they will still work correctly with streaming content only:

  • users/user_ID/title_states
  • users/user_ID/feeds
  • catalog/titles
  • catalog/titles/autocomplete
  • catalog/titles/title/similar
  • catalog/people/person_ID/filmography

The following disc endpoints (on the left of the table) will continue to be valid endpoints but will return a comparable, streaming-oriented result set (the results provided by the right side of the table) until June 1st, 2012, at which time these endpoints will be removed:

Current Endpoint New Endpoint Results
/users/user_ID/queues/disc /users/user_ID/queues/instant
/users/user_ID/queues/disc/available /users/user_ID/queues/instant/available
/users/user_ID/queues/disc/available/entry_ID /users/user_ID/queues/instant/available/entry_ID
/users/user_ID/queues/disc/saved /users/user_ID/queues/instant/saved
/users/user_ID/queues/disc/saved/entry_ID /users/user_ID/queues/instant/saved/entry_ID

The following resources will be deprecated and will return 404 responses:

  • users/user_ID/at_home
  • users/user_ID/rental_history/shipped
  • users/user_ID/rental_history/returned
  • catalog/titles/discs/disc_ID

All category resources will be deprecated. The category scheme attribute will remain, but will no longer resolve. The affected resources include:

  • /categories/title_formats
  • /categories/award_types
  • /categories/screen_formats
  • /categories/rental_states
  • /categories/title_video_formats
  • /categories/languages
  • /categories/subtitle_languages
  • /categories/audio
  • /categories/genres
  • /categories/title_formats
  • /categories/queue_availability
  • /categories/title_states
  • /categories/mpaa_ratings
  • /categories/tv_ratings
  • /categories/ca_movie_ratings
  • /categories/container_formats
  • /categories/video_formats
  • /categories/audio_formats

All resources that return DVD-specific elements will continue to work, although the DVD-specific elements will no longer be returned. This will primarily affect the elements in the catalog/titles/title resource, which will no longer return DVD-related values in the title_formats category.

Currently, there are several endpoints for the catalog index across the versions of the API. Over time, we plan to collapse them into a single index. For this announcement, we plan to leave the current versions the same, although the number of titles will dramatically decrease. The title count will decrease because the index today has both streaming and DVD titles. From this change, it will only contain titles that are available in streaming. We will have future announcements the catalog index in the future as we attempt to globalize it and clean up the endpoints.

The JavaScript Widgets will continue to work, although the will be modified to only work for streaming titles. Titles will no longer be able to be added to the DVD queue through these widgets.

The documentation in the portal is currently being revised to reflect all of these changes. We hope to have it published to the site sometime next week.

During this transition, we will continue to work with our developer community to make the change as smooth as possible.

Daniel Jacobson, Director of Engineering – Netflix API