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Upcoming Changes to the Netflix API Program

Over the past years the Netflix business has evolved to focus on delivering a great streaming experience on a wide variety of consumer electronics devices. Similarly, we have been evolving our API program to focus on servicing the rapidly growing universe of these devices used by our more than 26 million streaming members globally. As the API program evolves with the business, we now need to make some changes. While we will continue to support third parties as they develop and offer Web sites and applications that interact with Netflix, these changes are designed to do so in a way that is aligned with our broader objectives.

Here is a detailed description of the changes and the timing for each.

Functional Changes

  • We have already modified the value of the <available_until> element for all titles to be 1/1/2100 unless the title is to become unavailable within two weeks of the requesting date.
  • We will be removing the following endpoints, effective on September 15, 2012:
    • /users/userID/rental_history
    • /users/userID/rental_history/shipped
    • /users/userID/rental_history/returned
    • /users/userID/rental_history/watched
    • /users/userID/at_home
  • We will be removing the following elements from the title_states endpoint, effective on September 15, 2012
    • <watched_date>
    • <playback_bookmark>
    • <watched_to_end>
  • We will be removing the following RSS feeds, effective on September 15, 2012:
    • Most Recent Rental Activity
    • Movies At Home
  • We will be removing all metadata for the rental history, recently watched, at home, etc. in all expands for all endpoints.
  • We will be changing the API base URL domain from to  This new domain is active now.  All requests will need to point to it by September 15, 2012, when the domain will be retired.
  • We will be retiring all existing versions of the catalog index files, to be replaced with new catalog index files.  The new files will be structurally the same as the 2.0 version but there will be two files, one for streaming and one for DVD.  The new files will be available in the coming weeks (we will post here with the new endpoints) and we plan to retire all other existing endpoints on September 15, 2012. 
  • We will be retiring the AppGallery pages found at  This is effective immediately. These pages were outdated and seldom used as people tend to go to various App stores and other Web sites to find applications.

To be clear, none of these changes will affect the Queue-related resources or data.

 Terms of Use Changes

The Terms of Use has been updated and will be effective today.  That said, for developers that have applications that need to be changed, they will be grandfathered in until September 15, 2012.  To view the revised Terms of Use, go to <a href=””></a>.


From now on, we ask that you now contact Netflix API Support at as we will be retiring  This change is effective immediately. 

If you have questions about these changes, please address them to this new email address or bring them up on the forums. 

- Daniel Jacobson, Director of Engineering for the Netflix API