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Promote Your App to Netflix Subscribers

We're very happy to announce that we're about to roll out an App Gallery to showcase all of the great applications you developers have built using the API.  The App Gallery will be on the main Netflix website, so this is going to be a terrific way to tell our subscribers about your application.

The Gallery will be rolled out in two phases.  In the first phase, we'll accept application submissions.  Once we have a decent initial set of applications will open up the Gallery on the Netflix website.

We're giving developers advanced notice of the launch so that you have extra time to address any Terms of Service compliance issues before we start accepting submissions.  We will be doing quick audits of all submitted applications, and the last thing we'll want to do is reject an application due to compliance issues. 

The most common compliance issues we've see to-date have to do with branding violations or improper OAuth implementation, whereby the application requests user name and passwords directly vs. handing the user off to our OAuth sign in page.  When in doubt, ask us for guidance in the forums.  Chances are, someone else has a similar question.

We'll do another blog posting as soon as the Gallery is open for submissions as well as send a tweet from the netflixapi Twitter account.