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OData Catalog Updates

After working with the OData system for several days, we have made some improvements to the system - some of them will break existing code, but this should be our last update of that nature (although it remains in "preview" mode, and so could change in the future.


  • The “Catalog” prefix has been removed from all entity sets. Therefore, “CatalogTitles” is now just “Titles”, “CatalogTitleGenres” is now just “TitleGenres”, and so on. This mirrors Netflix’s existing APIs, and also removes a bit of redundancy from the URL, since the root of the service is already “/Catalog/”.
  • The Title entity’s ID is no longer a GUID, but rather a generated string that comes from Netflix’s API.
  • The Person entity’s ID is no longer a GUID, but rather a generated number that comes from the Netflix’s API.
  • The catalog data now includes whether a title is available for instant watch in HD (“Catalog/Titles?$filter=Instant/HighDefinitionAvailable”), which Netflix is beginning to start providing more often.
  • The catalog data is now updated nightly to stay in sync with current Netflix data.

These changes should make the OData API more useful and consistent for developers to use.  All changes have been documented on the OData Catalog API page.

Have fun, and let us know how it works for you!