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Return of Netflix Widgets

The API Team is happy to announce a significant upgrade to the Netflix Widget API. 

We hope the new widgets are a significant step forward, both in terms of what's offered and how easy it is to use. Gone are the days when you had to search the catalog, find a movie's ID, figure out how (or if) we had it currently available, and cobble together your own code, which would then break as soon as the movie left the catalog.  Our new Widget Builder lets you search for a movie, find the one you like, add or remove widget options, see what it looks like right there on the page, and copy the code you need when you're happy.

We have two new widgets, Spotlight and Bubble.  Both include rich information: movie descriptions, box art, add and play buttons, and even previews!

Spotlight widgets are embeddable badges, great for blog posts or sidebars about a specific movie.  You can choose from two different layouts: a horizonal layout which is ideal for inclusion in the body of your pages, or a vertical layout that was designed more for sidebar placement.  You can select what movie information you want to appear in the widget and modify its width.  If you're a member of the Netflix affiliate program, you can add your ID and receive commissions for new referrals. You can even add buttons to allow your readers to share a movie on Facebook or Twitter.


The Bubble Widget is a fire-and-forget script that automatically enhances certain Netflix links on your page. When your readers mouse over those special links, they will see floating bubbles, just like the ones on Netflix.

Both widgets have been designed to degrade gracefully if JavaScript is not available.  This is great for bloggers, since the "rich" version will appear if the blog post is displayed on a JavaScript-enabled page, and a Netflix movie link will appear for RSS readers and other non-JavaScript clients.

The widgets have been tested on a variety of web sites and blogs to ensure that they'll work well on your pages.  If you do find any issues, please let us know about it in our forum.

We're already aware of a few minor fit-and-finish issues and will be addressing them shortly.  Currently the instant watching player launched when the Play button is pressed has a white border; this will be fixed early next week.  There's also additional work ahead to integrate the affilate program with the Bubble Widget, and to have a better description for the movie when sharing on Facebook.

We're very excited to see what you'll do with this new way to integrate with the Netflix service.  Happy coding cutting and pasting!


The Netflix API Team