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NOTE: The Netflix Public API will be retired as of November 14, 2014.  Read about it on our blog.


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The Netflix API allows developers to build Netflix-integrated applications for the web, the desktop, mobile devices, or the TV. Netflix provides API methods and data, with which you help Netflix customers discover, watch, rate, and discuss movies and TV shows.

The pages on this site help Netflix API developers better understand the API.

  • View your developer account keys.
  • Read our documentation to become familiar with our API interface.
  • Start making API calls right now, through your browser.
  • Find anything else you need on our Resources page.
  • And, if you still have questions, query the community of Netflix API developers at stackoverflow.com, using the tag “netflixapi”.

The Netflix Brand

Third Party Applications…

  • May use the Netflix brand and logo, but not in ways that make customers think that we built, endorse, or sponsor them. Please read more on our Branding Requirements and import approved assets from the Naming and Logo Guidelines if you’d like to use our brand.
  • May not play Netflix movies inline, but may launch our stand-alone player when a member hits the Play button. (Not available for Mobile applications.)
  • Don’t require the Netflix Certification process.
  • Must adhere to our API Terms of Service.

Some Dos and Don’ts

All developers must follow the API Terms of Service. Here are some highlights:

Delight Customers

  • Help them discover the Netflix service and find movies they’ll love.
  • Respect their privacy and personal information.
  • Make it simple to have a great user experience.
  • Overwhelm them with choices that are inappropriate or irrelevant.
  • Ask for or store their Netflix credentials, including login, password, and personal information.
  • Complicate the experience, or create confusion or needless distractions. Non-user-initiated pop-ups are a Bad Idea.

Handle Content with Care

  • For Netflix Branded Applications that evoke playback ensure the highest possible quality of experience for video streams.
  • Utilize movie metadata — title, synopsis, cast, etc. — and box art, to help customers discover and connect with content.
  • Use best-efforts to ensure Netflix honors its commitments to content owners by protecting metadata and streams.
  • Adjust or alter the content you receive from Netflix, including but not limited to video source, artwork, or metadata.
  • Confuse, overlap, obscure, or blend our metadata and box art with information from other sources.
  • For applications that evoke playback; display ads anywhere on the screen immediately before, after, or during playback; imply or charge transaction or other fees, or otherwise violate the rules of acceptable content use.

Respect the Netflix Brand

  • Clearly associate the Netflix brand with the Netflix service.
  • Present the Netflix brand correctly and consistently throughout the product.
  • Use the correct language in describing the Netflix service and provide adequate attribution.
  • Blur the line or otherwise confuse our customers about the differences between your brand and Netflix’s brand, or other Netflix partner brands.
  • Alter the Netflix brand in any way, or use non-approved creative assets.
  • Misrepresent your service or the features it offers, or fail to attribute Netflix.

Please refer to the Netflix Naming and Branding Guidelines for acceptable assets and additional guidance.

Why all the rules?

  • We want to ensure a great customer experience.
  • We want things to work.
  • We want to protect our customers’ privacy.
  • We want to honor our obligation to content makers.
  • We want to ensure the Netflix brand is used appropriately.